Former Chicago Bears All-Pro Brian Urlacher is Teaching 'The Middle School Rules' from Trending Report on Vimeo.

Brian Urlacher Talks about Being an Author (Video)

20 Feb, 2015

Former Chicago Bears All-Pro Brian Urlacher is rewriting the rules. “The Middle School Rules of Brain Urlacher” is the new book authored by the future Hall of Fame player that speaks about his real life experiences while growing up in his early teens.

He came back to suburban Waukegan, IL to speak with the students, read some chapters from his book and made time to shoot hoops with some very lucky student-athletes.

Urlacher spoke about what he hopes the book will achieve for young people going through the struggles of early adolescents.

He talked with The Trending Report about his new passion in retirement, the current state of the Chicago Bears and if he would put the number 54 back on for the blue and orange.

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