Chris Brown, Drake Sued For $16 Million

16 Aug, 2012

If you thought the drama surrounding the nightclub brawl between Drake and Chris Brown’s crews back in June was over, think again: Now both musicians have been sued for their alleged involvement.

According to a lawsuit obtained by The New York Post, Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. claims Drake and Brown started the scuffle at the joint clubs Greenhouse and WiP on June 14 and then ordered their crews to follow suit. EEL, the company that owns the trademark to the Greenhouse name, not the actual club, claims in its suit that both stars “shared a grudge against the other arising out of their romantic relationships with the same woman,” meaning mutual ex Rihanna.

The suit explains that while the nightclub made sure the two entourages arrived unarmed, each group consisted of “at least 15 heavily built men trained and/or experienced in hand-to-hand and weapons combat.” Once the two stars got into it, “Each ordered his security personnel, bodyguards, friends and entourage to join the fight, which erupted into a violent brawl on a massive scale,” the suit says, adding that the brawling members fashioned “deadly weapons” out of the club’s property, including “throwing highball glasses laden with alcohol, shattering the handles of bottles of spirits to use as makeshift knives, and even throwing full bottles at each other. Within seconds, defendants filled an already packed nightclub full of flying glass shrapnel,” the suit says.

In addition to the damaged property, the suit mentions the emotional and physical damage sustained by several of the club’s patrons, which included NBA star Tony Parker, who is suing Greenhouse and WiP for $20 million as a result.

EEL seeks $16 million in damages for Drake and Brown’s “gross negligence,” “ultrahazardous activity” and “intentional illegal acts.”

Neither musician nor their representatives have commented on the suit just yet, though Drake and Brown have maintained his innocence in the ordeal.

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