NBA Takes on Gun Control in PSA

23 Dec, 2015

NBA heavy-hitters join in a PSA calling for an end to gun violence. The video was directed by Spike Lee whose recent movie Chi-Raq centered around gun violence in Chicago.

The Christmas debut will highlight stories of gun violence in America and bring people together to address the problem,” President of Everytown for Gun Safety John Feinblatt said.

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry leads the PSA recalling the shooting of a three-year-old girl that immediately made him think of his daughter Riley. Joakim Noah who’s directly invested in tackling the issue in Chicago continues the message with his participation along with Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony who’s been open about the violence he saw as a kid.

The campaign ends with gun violence survivors reciting a sobering message: “In the United States, 88 people die of gun violence every day.”

“Anytime I see that happen, the very first thing that I think of is my family,” Chris Paul told USA Today Sports, “and having two kids, it’s terrible to see kids and people losing their lives day in and day out because of gun violence.”

According to its website, Everytown For Gun Safety is a “movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities.” The PSA features 35 gun violence survivors and “includes stories of everyday gun violence in urban communities to mass shootings in Newtown, Aurora and Tucson.”

“Ultimately it’s about saving lives. There’s just no room for gun violence,” Noah said.

“All over America people are tired of daily gun violence. But I’ve spoken with people about this in Baltimore, in New York, and across the United States and I know people are ready for their voices to be heard. Basketball brought me to a different route in my life, but every kid should have an outlet to reach his or her full potential. Using my platform to speak out, I know we can keep guns out of the wrong hands and save lives,” Anthony concludes.

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