New ‘Raved’ App Launches in Chicago

28 Jan, 2013

You want to grab a bite at that new place your friend recommended but can’t remember the name.  Don’t fret.  There’s an app for that.  Raved- a new application now available on iOS and Android devices puts recommendations from your friends’ at your fingertips.  The app allows users to easily endorse places and discover new places based solely on positive input from the people they know and trust.  From restaurants to boutiques and everything in-between, Raved turns your phone into a one-stop-shop for all of the things that matter to you.

The days of searching the Internet and reading reviews from strangers are over.  “After all, no one really wants to spend time reading negative reviews and researching places not to visit,” Raved CEO Henry Vogel said.

After downloading and signing up for the application, users have instant access to a database of up to 20 million merchants as well as social and digital media properties. Users ‘friends’ are automatically integrated from their social networks, like Facebook and Four Square, along with their ‘likes’ and ‘check-ins.’

With the tap of a button users can save a location for later use or publicly share a recommendation by ‘Raving’ it.  As more places are ‘Raved’ users can create their own ‘PlaceLists’ filled with places to try and share with friends.

By partnering with various companies, Raved also allows users to view menus, deals, hours and addresses of businesses in addition to making appointments.

And if you can’t find the right place through your friends’ recommendations, you can tap into the recommendations of influential tastemakers in your city.  By teaming with local celebrities and ‘it” people in each city, users can add more variety to their options and expand their “Raved” lists.

It was a saved friend’s recommendation that brought Raved Chicago’s launch party to Untitled.  “It’s in the middle of a CVS and a parking lot” noted Vogel who lives in Silicon Valley.  Vogel quickly saw that the location earned its star rating and the launch party was a success.

The invite-only list of attendees was escorted by Untitled’ staff to a private area.  The red carpet entrance was only a prelude to what was to come.  Guests mingled while tasting a variety of Grey Goose themed cocktails including the ‘Grey Goose Minted’ and passed gourmet finger food that flowed throughout the night.

An area dedicated to pictures offered a host of prompts and ample room for poses.  Guests’ creativity was put on display as the pictures were shown on a big screen covering the stage.  The real show started when the screen was lifted and the performances started.  The crowd gathered around as a flash mob dressed in 60s styled green short jumpers did their routine.

Talking all but stopped when a woman using big, white flamingo feathers to cover her body eased onto the stage.  It wasn’t long before the crowd saw that the feathers covered mostly skin as the dancers sheer and glitter outfit left nothing to the imagination.  Camera phone flashes were like beats to the music as they continued throughout the burlesque strip tease show.

The night was Raved slogan realized: Good friends. Great places.  That’s Raved.

B. Spencer

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