Rapper Juvenile Arrested after Reunion with Lil Wayne

21 Aug, 2012

Not long after reuniting with former Hot Boys pal Lil Wayne onstage in Miami, former Cash Money rapper Juvenile was behind bars after allegedly getting caught up in a huge brawl at the Fontainebleau Hotel’s Club Liv bar.

The Associated Press reported that Juvie (born Terius Gray), 37, was arrested for disorderly conduct after police responded to a call about a fight at Club Liv that broke out early Monday morning. The brawl reportedly spilled out of the club to the front of the luxury hotel and involved 100 people, with lots of pushing and yelling, but no injuries.

Juvenile, who had performed earlier in the night on the stage of Liv with Weezy for the first time in years after the two ended a long-running feud, was arrested after police responded to reports of a fight that hotel security officials feared was “creating a threat to life and property as well as the overall safety of patrons inside.”

Miami’s CBS4 reported that Juvenile was released on $500 bond on Monday and would not talk to reporters who asked him about the incident. MTV News was unable to reach a Miami Beach Police Department spokesperson at press time to confirm the news of his release.

It was unclear at press time what sparked the fight and the Miami Herald added that Juvenile was reportedly seen by police heading toward his car to leave the hotel when someone reported that he’d been involved in the scuffle, which led to his arrest.

Security officers said the fight involving Juvenile began inside the club and moved out onto the valet ramp in front of the hotel. Four other people were also arrested for disorderly conduct in the melee.

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    August 22, 2012

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