Host a Super Bowl Party that Doesn’t Suck

05 Feb, 2017

Today’s the big day! Football fans gearing up for the ultimate showdown are not only looking forward to watching a great game with a dose of funny and cute commercials but they want to have a good time. Yeah, that’s obviously the goal of a party, right? So why do so many people get it wrong? Take a look at these simple tips to ensure a successful Sunday night.

1.) Edit your guest list: In other words, don’t invite the guy no one likes! Sounds cruel but you don’t want your guests to cancel just to avoid uncomfortable conversations or being uneasy because of one person.

2.) Have something for all of your guests: Everyone doesn’t drink alcohol. Everyone may not want wings, pork, carbs – the list goes on. This goes back to our number one tip of knowing your audience. Have drink and food options for all of your guests. You invited them so you should accommodate them.

3.) Clean your place: Unfortunately, we actually do have to put this on the list.

4.) Ensure the atmosphere is game-friendly: The point is to watch the game right? So turn the music down and create an atmosphere where those who want to pay attention to the game can do that while those who want to socialize more can do that as well.

5.) Enjoy!

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