Why Dak Prescott Better Be Good, FAST

30 May, 2017

Tony Romo’s locker remains empty.

Allow us to explain. Romo stepped away as Cowboys quarterback during the offseason, parachuting right into a cushy job as color commentator for CBS Sports. But nobody around Romo has used the word “retirement,” plus Romo hasn’t filed his retirement papers with the league. And now, via ESPN.com, comes news that the Cowboys have neither given away Romo’s old number 9 during OTAs nor allowed anyone else to use his old locker. Whoa!

Adding to the hype is the fact that Cowboys quarterback coach Wade Wilson addressed the Romo-the-savior topic in a recent interview.  “It’s fun to speculate about that, if Dak were to go down in week 2, would Tony come back? I don’t know the answer to that. I just don’t know,” Wilson said. “Do I think he’s capable of coming back and playing? Most definitely. Does he want to or what his commitment is to the network? I don’t know that.”

Anyway, look. The idea of Romo swooping in to play quarterback one more time for the Cowboys in the event that their existing quarterback—a pretty decent ballplayer himself—gets injured is clearly an enticing one to Cowboys fans. Everything’s bigger in Texas, even the outsized hype.

While Romo pulling a Favre would light up  Twitter and send sports talk shows into writhing fits of ecstasy, it’s still pretty unlikely. Remember, Romo retired because his skeletal structure now resembles a gingerbread house, and a year away from NFL-level workouts wouldn’t exactly help that.

But remember this the first time Prescott throws an ugly pick-six: Romo is nearly three years younger than Tom Brady. Yeah, we’ll be hearing about this for awhile.


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