Idris Love for Suits

21 Jun, 2012

I’ve been a big fan of Idris Elba since the Wire. And what I didn’t realize a couple years back was that he had an English accent. That wasn’t until I was working for a magazine and I had to help interview him after a photo shoot. What I was expecting was the faux American accent I knew from Stringer Bell, not the British one that was being thrown at me. That shows his range as an actor and a testament why he belongs on Hollywood’s leading man short list. Don’t think so? Watch an episode of the phenomenal BBC One series Luther and rethink your stance. Idris and the incredibly written and produced show stands shoulders above anything else out there not named Mad Men or that resides on HBO. You can’t be British and not love suits.  Below, Idris talks about his first suit during a behind the scenes video for the Tonight We Tanqueray photo shoot.

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