Kevin Costner Put his Heart and Money Into Latest Role (Video)

31 Jan, 2015

When the big studios wouldn’t back director Mike Binder’s latest film ‘Black or White’ he turned to his good friend Kevin Costner. After reading the script the Oscar winner was sold. Costner put up money for films before including the critically acclaimed Dancing with Wolves and after getting the nod from his wife, the groundwork for Black or White was put in motion.

Loosely based on a part of Binder’s life, this film challenges our thoughts on race, family and forgiveness.

Costner’s finds himself engulfed in an ugly custody battle with his biracial granddaughter’s paternal grandmother played by Oscar winner Octavia Spencer after his wife tragically dies in a car accident. Anthony Mackie joins the cast as an attorney for the paternal grandmother and the child’s father who’s a drug addict.

The Trending Report caught up with the stars of Black or White at a red carpet screening where they talked candidly about why this film needed to be made.

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