Christmas Gifts That Don’t Suck

14 Dec, 2016

So, it’s December. You’re probably dreading the inevitable task of buying gifts for your loved ones. More horrifying than the act of possibly trekking to the mall is making the decision of what gift to give. Well if you plan to procrastinate until the last minute, the least you can do is get a gift that doesn’t suck.

No Aunt Clara: Kids

Your gift might suck if you get what you like for the kids instead of what they like. Remember Ralphie’s gift from Aunt Clara in “A Christmas Story?” Don’t be like her.

You can go the easy route and get them the newest phone, gadget or game and I’m sure you’ll go there. They’ll love you for it but then learn to ignore you. But you can win with a gift that says togetherness that doesn’t suck. So find an activity gift that creates a memory and allows you to interact with each other. How about a sporting event or a cake-baking class? Or if the kid has a special interest, make it an event linked to that interest. Get all the quality time in you can because one day you’ll be longing for it.

Put Your Pinky Ring Up to the Moon: Dads

Ok, I had to do a bit of research for this one. Disclaimer: Of all the dads I asked, they specifically requested NOT to receive underwear, socks or ties. So don’t go there. Believe it or not, dads like jewelry. Really nice timepieces were highest on the list. So bling for dad might get you some cool points.

the way my bank account set upBut the dads polled also wanted gifts relating to their hobbies. So if your dad hunts, bowls, golfs or grills in the middle of winter, pay attention to innovative and cool items that would make his hobby more fun.

One dad’s response was to be left alone. Sounds like an appropriate gift for the dad who raised this kid:

I’m on a Boat: Moms

If there is anyone you can’t buy a sucky gift for, it’s mom dukes. So splurge a bit here. Send mom on a trip, and no, you can’t go. So if mom’s been talking about wanting to go to South Beach or South America forever, do the woman who’s given you her all a solid and send her there. She deserves it. Now the downside to such a great gift is you’re gonna have to bring it next year. But in case that’s not an option, you could fake a bankruptcy proceeding in 2017 to move your next gift back to a more humble level. It’s your call.

If a trip is not in your sights, the never-fail gift is a homemade coupon book. Create different coupons that mom can redeem throughout the year. Cut the grass or make dinner for mom. Free hugs and kisses are good fillers. Be, funny, creative and, personalize it to your mom’s particular needs. It’ll cost you some time and energy but mom will appreciate it.

Everyone Else

Gift cards. Just be grateful you got something.

Happy Holidays!!!!

Jazz Scott

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