Steeler Fans Meet Antonio ‘The Hippo’ Brown

02 Jan, 2019

The man behind the mask was Antonio Brown.

While the Steelers receiver has been in the headlines for all sorts of reasons in recent days — most notably for being benched in Sunday’s season finale against the Bengals — he also was on network television Wednesday night.

Mr. Brown was the first mystery creature revealed on Fox’s new, so-weird-it-defies-explanation show, “The Masked Singer.”

Disguised as a cartoon hippo and singing “My Prerogative,” Mr. Brown was eliminated and his identity revealed at the end of the show.

Among the clues left for the celebrity panel (and the home audience) to guess: a $10,000 check representing a fine for dancing in the end zone.

He also hinted that he enjoyed “bowling,” a nod to Super and Pro bowls. When a viewer tweeted their guess was A.B. Brown, the player merely retweeted “Hmmmmmmm.”


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