Inside Sarah Jessica Parker’s New HBO Show Divorce

16 Jul, 2015

It’s Official: Sarah Jessica Parker is returning to television.  And back to her famed ‘Sex and the City’ home HBO nonetheless. Oh, you’ve already heard this earth shattering news you say? But do you know how the series started and how NOT like Carrie Bradshaw her new character, Frances, will be?

Didn’t think so.

While promoting the Amazon launch of her U.K hit series Catastrophe, The Trending Report talked exclusively with Sharon Horgan, who wrote the new HBO comedy ‘Divorce’ and got intimate details about the series including how a lunch with Parker started it all.

It’s been more than 10 years since ‘Sex and the City’ ended its run but Carrie Bradshaw catch-phrases, relationship sagas and lifestyle remains a constant in today’s era of fashion and pop culture.

Parker has since successfully launched her own line of shoes, The SJP Collection and remains one of the most watched celebrities on the red carpets.

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Because of this, fans may have a hard time transitioning to Parker’s new role.  How did Horgan handle that? “By making it 100% different.  It’s about as opposite as you can get” Horgan said.

In ‘Divorce’ Parker plays a middle-aged woman going through an extremely long divorce.  Her husband is played by Thomas Haden Church (Sorry Mr. Big) and her group of friends have dwindled to two: Molly Shannon and Talia Balsam.

But the differences don’t stop there. Watch our exclusive interview with Horgan for details on the new look Parker will have for the series and why it’s time for fans to see the grown-up version of Bradshaw.


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