NFL Super Stars Are Regular People and Here’s Proof

03 Mar, 2017

Storytellers is not a place where we make fun of people.  Sometimes, though, we can have a little fun with people.  In Houston, Fox 26 reporter John Donnelly was gathering sound on how to stay safe in a road rage incident.  Just a normal day, except the interviewee wasn’t just anyone, he is Minnesota Vikings running back Adrain Peterson.

At the end of the interview Donnelly asks, “Your name?”

“Adrian Peterson,” says the Vikings star.

“Wait.  You’re not…,” asks Donnelly.

“Yeah,” says Peterson calmly.

Adrain Peterson, a likely Hall of Fame running back, was kind enough to play along and seemingly had no problem answering some reporter questions.  What a cool guy for saying “yes”.

“Here I am interviewing people on the street and not realizing I’d stopped a celebrity. Enjoy the awkwardness,” Donnelly says on his Facebook page.

Most NFL stars would have passed.  You also have to consider the negative media publicity from a troubled year Peterson had when he was indicted for “reckless or negligent injury to a child,” according to a report.

That aside, it was a pretty hilarious exchange and a man on the street interview Donnelly will never forget.

If you are wondering how they worked him in, look below!

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Image Fox 26

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